Moismont - Cotton Scarf Design 425

Moismont - Cotton Scarf Design 425

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Product Details

The small yellow details around this large pastel pattern make the charm and beauty of this precious scarf.

Wear around the neck as a scarf or around the waist as a sarong. 

Designed in India, the scarf may have a few irregularities that make all the charm of its handmade design.

  • Made in India
  • 100% cotton
  • This style is available in Pastel
  • Care: Wash, hang to dry


A swirl of shimmery-colored stoles, a variety of infinite materials, an ancestral know-how. There is a real scarf culture in India. The scarf is daily, it warms or refreshes, it is precious. 

France and India join at Moismont. Our scarves are made according to the Indian tradition and kneaded with a comforting and convivial softness.

Behind a Moismont scarf, one shelters, one warms, one cries, one laughs, one lives, as behind the walls of a family house.

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